Get more done at work with OneDrive for Business

Are you getting the best out of your OneDrive for Business? With storage of more than 1TB per user, OneDrive provides a fantastic cloud service to work with your documents and images.

Read these tips to learn how to maximise your use of this amazing application!

Summary of benefits of OneDrive for Business

Add Content Quickly

You can easily create new documents within OneDrive for Business and upload existing files. Adjust your windows and you can drag and drop files directly in. Over 300 file types are supported!

OneDrive new file button

Make Instant Changes

To make small and quick document changes, click on the file to open in the Browser version of the application (rather than the full desktop version of Word or Excel). This is great for small edits, where changes are automatically saved. Simply close the browser tab – no saves required!

Keep Track of Previous Edits

Any time you edit a document you create a version automatically. If you right-click a document you’ll see Version History. Here you can open any previous version in read-only. Take the opportunity to manage your files effectivity by using versions. This reduces duplication of files.

Work Completely Online

Remember that you can access your OneDrive for Business via your PC, tablet or mobile device as data is stored in the cloud – simply download the relevant app from your app store.

Work Offline

Notice the Sync button in OneDrive for Business? You can synchronise files down to your computer and work offline – changes made offline are automatically synced when you connect again, so you can be sure you’re always working on the most up to date copy.

OneDrive sync button

Share Files and Collaborate Easily

Right-click a file you can select to Share with colleagues within your organisation, or even with external stakeholders (depending upon your Company settings). You can add more personalised settings by choosing whether the user can View or Edit, and you can even set expiry dates.

Move Documents in Seconds

Do you have a document in your OneDrive for Business that should be in your Company SharePoint Site? If that’s the case, right-click the file and select the Move option. There will be a list of locations you can move the file to and you can move up to 500MB of files using this method.

Find those Pesky Lost Documents

Need to find a document quickly? OneDrive for Business can do that! It will not only search for files in your OneDrive for Business, but also documents that someone has shared with you and documents on a SharePoint site that you follow.

Head for the Search box at the top and enter in your search term. For an exact phrase where 2 or more words are together, type using the quotes e.g. “Training Review”. To exclude a word from the search results, use the minus sign e.g. Training -Review. This shows results with the word Training but excludes the word Review.


Overall, OneDrive for Business is an incredibly powerful tool for working with your documents, allowing you to store, edit, share and more! Follow our tips to ensure you make the most of the OneDrive features.

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Be more productive when working from home with MS Teams

If you’re working from home and not using MS Teams to co-ordinate your efforts, you’re possibly not being as productive as you could be.

In this article learn more about Microsoft Teams and how this super-app could save you and your team not just time, but also probably a few headaches too!

1. Improve your communication via one interface

Manage all your work and communication from just one interface. The true power of MS Teams comes from the fact that you can bundle written communication, calls, video conferencing, file storage and file sharing all in just one program! What an amazing way to improve productivity.

Start by encouraging all your colleagues to place key project work in specific project folders in Teams. Not only can everyone access the files, but the corresponding project chat is also found in the same place, making it easy to refer to later. No more wasting time searching through multiple replied and forwarded emails to find what you want!

Screenshot of MS Teams

2. Collaborate more with your colleagues

Use the meeting feature of MS Teams to collaborate effectively by sharing your screen, which allows you to edit and update documents in real-time with multiple contributors. This increases transparency and reduces miscommunication mistakes, as people can talk through their rationale and methodology in real-time as they make the changes. If someone has any questions the control of the shared screen can be given to the questioner, and they can show their ideas and updates on the actual document.

3. Make your virtual meetings super productive

Location does not need to be an issue to hold productive meetings. No matter where everyone is based, all team members can attend and the video element (via webcam) makes it feel as if they’re in the room with you!

MS Teams has some useful video call features such as recording the meeting, sharing your screen and live captions. Even better, the meeting video is automatically stored in Microsoft Stream. This means it can easily be shared with those who couldn’t make the meeting, saving the time and pain of writing minutes.

4. Access what you need over multiple platforms and devices

It is incredibly easy to link MS Teams to other apps. Imagine a synchronous hub for all your work, connected between not just different apps but also all your different devices. Sounds like heaven right!

Connect MS Teams instantly to other Office apps such as SharePoint, Forms and Excel. It’s also possible to connect to third party apps such as Hootsuite, SurveyMonkey and hundreds of others. This means for example, if you’re working on a survey, you can sync that into MS Teams and everyone in your team can have access to it via the MS Teams portal. Efficiency at its finest!


Working from home may be a shift from your normal work routine. However, that shift does not need to impact your productivity if you use MS Teams.

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