Planning the learning journey for a new user of Office 365

Moving to Office 365 and migrating your desktop to the Microsoft Cloud is nearly always a move in a positive direction for any business. There are more applications available, faster and more collaborative ways to work and communicate, slicker and easily accessible portals but has anyone spared a thought for the end user? They must learn, adopt and become a proficient user without affecting productivity.

In our experience, the end user is often the last factor to be considered when a business undergoes the migration. How do they feel about the decision made by the business to make the software upgrade?

When any business undergoes periods of change there will be a sense of uncertainty. Feelings of hesitancy amongst the staff and its up to the leaders  to address these issues before they become concerns.

Time and again, the trusted pairing of business training and managerial support will see any project through to its delivery and eventual execution.

Following this are the key areas in which a business needs to address in order to ensure that the emotional and practical needs of the workforce are met, and the business delivers on their employees’ expectations.




Moving to the Cloud with Office 365 could be a major change to how they work depending on what they do. A solid communication plan and effective change management in place are critical to deliver the smoothest transition possible.

Communicate why this is happening and keep all staff informed of the milestones of the journey and the dates in question when it will be taking place.



My colleague asked me, ‘what exactly is Microsoft Office 365’ and I always say, ‘it’s simply anytime and anywhere access to cloud based email, calendars, websites and office applications securely’.

I usually get the responses of, ‘really, I thought it was more complicated and technical than that, how will this affect me?’

To address this, the business would have to provide a comprehensive training program to ensure all users know their responsibilities when using Office 365.

The best approach to this is to use a blend of practical instructor lead workshop. Here delegates will be shown how to access and conduct a variety of tips and functionalities in order to maximise adoption of Office 365.

The training should foster an inclusive and safe environment where all delegates learning is considered. Training is then supported with plenty of time allotted for questions, demonstrations and practice.



Many training providers fall into the trap of not providing enough floorwalker in the post training phase of Office 365 deployments. This extra degree of support when users are in a ‘live’ environment can be the real difference in meeting the expectations of end users. It also guarantees a smooth transition as users embrace and fully adopt the new technology.

By always keeping in mind the emotional and practical needs of the people during a period of major change, with the right layers of support, end users will eventually start using the technology to its full potential allowing the business to prosper.

15 Reasons Your Business Should be Using Office 365 

Office 365 has been around for a long time, but should your business start using it? The short answer is yes, particularly if you care about productivity! To embellish on this, here are 15 reasons your company needs to use Office 365, starting today: 

Improved Planning 

With the calendar requests feature, you can schedule and plan meetings with so much ease. This dramatically enhances efficiency around the office. 

Effective Collaboration 

Office 365 calls upon things like Skype and SharePoint to make collaboration easy through the cloud. You can even work on documents with employees – at the same time – while in different locations.  

Constant Updates 

Using this platform means you automatically get updates for all other Microsoft packages like Word and Excel. It supercharges your productivity by saving you from having to go out and buy new versions whenever they’re released.  

Excellent Cloud Service 

You get access to the Microsoft cloud service so you can securely store data online without needing to pay for or maintain a physical server.  

Office 365 apps can be used to improve productivity
Office 365 provides a huge range of apps

Work On The Go 

Everyone in your business can now use Office 365 on their phones, tablets, and computers. It means they can work on the go, regardless of where they are.  

A Huge Email Inbox 

Don’t worry about your business inbox running out of space, you get a whopping 50gb of storage when you use Outlook on Office 365.  To learn how to use it to your advantage, our Microsoft Outlook time management training may come in handy.

All The Best Applications 

Your business will improve its performance by having access to some of the best applications around, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and more.  

Save Money 

The cost of Office 365 is pretty incomparable when you look at the alternatives. It’s a small fee per month, and you never have to spend money on servers or new office applications.  

Virtually Always Running 

This platform stays up 99.9% of the time. As such, your business performance won’t suffer from frequent periods of downtime.  

Excellent Scalability 

Small business can use a basic level of Office 365 that suits their needs, but you can also add new apps and tools as your business grows. So, you get excellent value for money as well.  


All of the apps are so easy-to-use and understand. Plus, with things like our Office 365 End User Training Workshop, you can quickly hone your skills to improve business productivity.  

Improve Professional Image 

By using things like Outlook and Word – and calling upon their professional templates – it improves the image of your business. Therefore, you can potentially improve your profitability by standing out from the crowd and encourage more people to choose you.  

Increased Privacy 

Keep all of your data secure by using Office 365. It has safeguarding features that means everything is privacy protected.  

Can Be Installed Up To 5 Times 

Everyone in your business can install Office 365 up to five times on different devices. So, if their work computer crashes, they can install it on a new one free of charge! 

No In-House IT Team Required 

The whole purpose of Office 365 is to provide businesses with a platform they can work from without needing an in-house IT team to manage everything. All the server management is done by Microsoft, freeing up your time to improve efficiency and run a more profitable business.  

If you’re looking for something that makes your business more productive, improves your all-round performance, and can easily be scaled, then Office 365 is the perfect choice for you – find out more about our Microsoft Office 365 training courses.