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Benefits of Using Power BI 

Power BI is Microsoft’s powerful business intelligence tool. It’s a fantastic tool for visualising data, offering a range of benefits for analysts who want to be able to present their information in a more digestible way. Of course, there are other tools for visualisation, so why should you choose to use Microsoft Power BI instead of anything else? There are some key benefits that it offers you that you won’t find elsewhere, so it’s worth taking the time to learn how to make the most of its features. Here are some of the benefits of using Power BI for your data. 

Power BI – Experience your data. Any data, any way, anywhere

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Imports from a wide range of data sources 

You can collect data using a variety of tools and sources. When you need to use that data, you can sometimes struggle to import it into the tool that you’re using to create visuals. This is where Power BI differs from your other options. It has been created to integrate with outside sources using its Open Database Connectivity It also pairs with cloud applications, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, MailChimp and hundreds of other applications. Even smaller applications can be connected so you can bring in data from your favourite places. 

Powerful visualisation engine 

When you create visuals from your data, you want everything to work well. Having to deal with glitches or visuals that just aren’t clear enough for you will impede on performance for you and your team. Power BI features a powerful visualisation engine which is D3 based and HTML 5 compliant. It gives you clear and beautiful ways to visualise your data, and an intuitive interface that makes it easier to drill down into your data by date or other metrics. Power BI is built to offer top performance that works for you every time, without any problems. 

Large choice of visualisation techniques 

Use Power BI to easily visualise your data in different ways
Visualise your analytics

Being able to efficiently visualise your information in whichever way that you feel is a great plus. Power BI offers different techniques for visualising your data, with a large visualisation library that you can choose from. If that’s not enough, Microsoft has made the visualisation source code available so that you can also create your own options for visualisation. These can be shared too, so the library of visualisation possibilities can keep growing, creating more and more options. Customisation doesn’t stop there, as you can also customise your dashboard to suit your needs.  

Integrate with other Microsoft applications 

Integration with other Microsoft applications offers another bonus for many. Microsoft apps like PowerPoint and Excel are core staples of almost any office’s software suite. They’re often key to presenting data and storytelling, so it’s important that they can communicate with other applications. Fortunately, Power BI is compatible with other Microsoft apps, helping to improve productivity through seamless use. Integration with other things like cloud services also comes in handy. 

Power BI provides a powerful tool for anyone who wants to visualise their data in a variety of ways. It gives you everything that you need to view data in new ways. 

By Richard Bailey

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