3d formulas in Excel 2010

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3d formulas in Excel 2010

The term 3D formulas is used when referring to the same cell on more than one sheet. For example, if you wanted to add together what's in cell B4 on three different sheets and display the result in a fourth sheet.

To create the 3D Formula

On the fourth sheet, type =sum(

Click on the sheet tab for the first sheet, hold down Shift and select the tab for the third sheet, then click cell B4 and press Enter.

The 3D formula created in Sheet4 would be:

The benefits of using a 3D formula in a work setting is when there are many sheets with figures to total up. For example consider the formula
= SUM(Week1:Week52!B4)
This 3D formula totals up a year full of weekly sheets. It would be very time consuming or impossible to do the calculation by adding each individual sheet because of the length of formula required:
=Sheet1!B4+Sheet2!B4+Sheet3!B4 .... etc

The disadvantage of using a 3D formula is that the cells to be added all have to be the same one.

See below to see other questoins about 3D formulas.

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