Excel VBA - what can it do?

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Excel VBA - what can it do?

Excel VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language which is used to develop programs within Excel.

It can turn complex or time-consuming tasks into automated processes, saving time and improving the quality of reporting.

Some of the benefits of using Excel VBA include:

- Saving time on repetitive tasks by carrying them out in exactly the same way, consistently.
- Once set up, VBA allows tasks to be performed by an Excel novice through the click of a button (on the toolbar or in a worksheet).
- Doing things that are otherwise impossible in Excel like creating a new function or controlling the scroll area.
- It can be used to create an entry form or user interface.

For example;
A sales person could have a button to print out a weekly report for the current week just before attending a meeting.

A data analyst could download data and run a macro to format, delete and rearrange the data before outputting to a pivot table. All with one macro!

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