If you're like many people, you use at least one of the Microsoft Office Suite of products every day, but have never taken any formal training. Because of this, most people venture into only the most commonly used applications like Word and Excel, and have reached their level of expertise through trial and error and through tips shared by co-workers. But is the MS Office application you're using right for you? Most people who use Excel to perform their data management tasks could do their jobs much more effectively with a few days of MS Access training and a switch to this powerful, yet simple database application.

Most people who enrol in MS Access training are surprised at how easy this incredibly powerful application is to use. They're also often stunned by how difficult they had been making their lives by trying to accomplish their complicated data management tasks with Excel! According to those who leave the MS Access training classes, there are a few key reasons why the switch is absolutely worthwhile:


Just about everyone who enrols in MS Access training courses gets excited about the reporting feature. This incredible feature instantly turns all of those rows and columns of data into perfectly formatted, easy to understand publications that bring a grin to the boss's face.

If you're currently producing routine reports, invoices, or data sheets by digging, copying, and pasting from Excel, you will certainly benefit from the portion of MS Access training that covers reporting. Design a custom layout with fonts and images, then choose fields that will automatically fill with the precise information you need any time and every time you desire.

Intuitive, Customizable Interfaces

If you've been using work-arounds in Excel to manage your complicated data, you're probably the only person in the entire office who can understand how to use it. If you've ever considered taking a few days off of work, but decided against it because it would take a few days to teach someone how to keep your spreadsheet up to date, then MS Access training is for you!

Through MS Access Training, you'll learn how to make professional, customized interfaces that look and act much like all standard web applications and desktop software. This means that you can easily teach others how to use your data applications-not only so that you can take that holiday, but also so that you can expand your options when it comes to collecting data. The best part is that you can learn how to create applications after just 5 days of MS Access training courses.


No, MS Access training won't directly improve your personal relationships, although potential dates may find your knowledge of databases wildly attractive. In this case, its the relational nature of the database structure that is so exciting. With a relational database like Access, you can connect any number of seemingly unrelated strings of information based on a primary key.

That means that your database becomes 3 dimensional, unlike a 2 dimensional program like Excel where connecting the dots of different types of information is virtually impossible. Grasping the concept of relational databases does require a new way of thinking, but after a few MS Access training courses, you'll wonder how on earth you ever managed without it.

If you're ready to make your job a lot easier, stop listening to your cubicle neighbour's advice about how to work around hurdles in Excel and enrol yourself in a MS Access training course. Learning how to properly use the right type of software for the job can completely change the way you do your job and can help you to interact with your data in revolutionary new ways.