You may or may not have been on one of our training courses, but have you used our forum?

Sign in and post questions relating to Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Project, Excel VBA and Access VBA, Management/skills training, as well as DreamWeaver. Post a question and have it answered within 24 hours by our certified trainers.

What happens if you get stuck using any of the Microsoft Office, Project, VBA or DreamWeaver applications? What if you need to do something that you are not quite sure how to do? Ask the person sitting next to you? What if they do not know either?

What if the person sitting next to you was a certified trainer? What if all you had to do was sign up to the Delegate Support Forum at ? How much easier would it make your life if you could post a question on our forum and have an answer within a few hours?

That problem with Microsoft Excel that you have been trying to solve for the last day or two... well if you asked one of our Microsoft Certified Trainers via our online support forum, you would have had that problem fixed within a matter of hours rather than a day or two.