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Transparent quality management

At the start of our business, a fundamental commitment was made to continuous improvement.

Unlike our many imitators, we have the data to support these claims of dependable delivery.

That's why we firmly believe that we can offer you a dramatically better service.

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Flawless delivery - Performance data for your inspection

For a narrative, scroll down. These reports cover the last 19 years of training delivery.

Vice President

Top-quality training by friendly instructors in good venues

I've done several courses with these guys, including Advanced Excel and PowerPoint. The days are well organised and they lay on a great lunch, too. Their tutors are always lively and engaged with attendees. I thoroughly recommend their services.



Excellent website, excellent prices and excellent service !!

A very positive experience in setting up three training courses for 20+ people could not be easier after I liaised directly with Manoj. A potentially frustrating task was made very easy once I explained the requirements and this led to the courses being booked and arranged within a few days after an online assessment of each individual. Excellent service to-date!


Julia B.

Great sales experience

Highly responsive service received from the sales contact at STL. Flexible options provided and good efforts made to tailor the course to our requirements. We weren't able to progress this time with the training (due to internal system invoicing issues, nothing to do with STL), but I have had training from them before and they were excellent. I especially appreciated the helpdesk forum, to which you have access for 2 yrs after the training session. Lifesaving in several instances.


Post training event - Monitoring feed monitoring - Listening to our customers

19 years ago we understood that industry practice was to collect feedback on paper. Feedback was rarely reviewed in time to address serious problems.

We decided to create a better system (it's still a work in progress).

We ask every individual we train, consult or mentor to complete an electronic feedback form.

Performance data is available to management as it is created. Alarm bells are rung as necessary.

We have a high sample rate system. We aim for 100% satisfaction sampling following all training events. However, we have some drop-off in collection of feedback due to factors outside of our control. Client's security & technical issues mean we actually sample around 97% of all individuals feedback.

We believe this is the highest sampling rate in our industry. Furthermore, we have automated systems that monitor the levels of many factors, as shown in the Management Alert sample.

Other reports summarise this data and convert it into many easily digestible report formats that can be acted upon.

Management Alert (sample)

John Smith's feedback responses have triggered this alert at 4:50pm. Ratings (out of 6) or comments may require fast investigation.

Trainer's knowledge: 5
Trainer's helpfulness: 6
Trainer's enthusiasm: 5
Course Content: 6
Course objectives met: Yes
Personal objectives met: No

Delegate comment: "I think my PA put me on the wrong course?"

Sample feedback report:

Sample report

Suffolk Constabulary
Maggie P.

Excel Intermediate course

This was an excellent course & was well worth the money. The trainer was very knowledgeable and got the topic over to us very well nothing was too much trouble for him. It was one of the best courses I have attended for content/trainer and after care service with access to the forum. I would certainly recommend this course to colleagues.


Feedback ratings

Below is a live report detailing some top KPI's.


Interestingly, the course content metric takes into account the nature of all public or open course attendees.

Of course, these open class attendees have varied needs. Trainers negotiate the best balance of time and depth within a fixed syllabus.

On-site, closed or company training events are typically better matched through discussions to settle expectations.

Often, bespoke training materials are created with delivery tailored to more exacting requirements.


Performance improvements over 19 years

The feedback from this system has driven up performance of our administration, management & training team. Errors in logistics —even subtle ones, such as a slight mismatch in client expectations and trainer delivery— are fed back and used to evolve the systems that caused these omissions.

Many other logistics failings have been greatly reduced and in some cases almost eradicated by the commitment of staff to improve monitoring systems & delivery. We are not perfect or free from error, but our commitment to improve means that a culture exists that is open to learn from its mistakes.

We are committed to continue to improve and to find better ways to meet & exceed our client's expectations. As long as we know we don't have all the answers, we think we will be able to get better.

We are passionate about getting it right, and we want to deliver the best training possible.

We intend to keep raising that bar.

The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award

Would definitely recommend STL

I was very pleased with the whole process from enquiry, receiving the quote, booking the course and confirming the arrangements for the day with Manoj. I recently attended an intermediate Excel course and found the course, content and trainer very helpful. I've used Excel for over 20 years and still came away with a better understanding of the programme and some new skills. Excellent service all round.


Management & Training team

The performance and professionalism of our people is fundamental to us. Our company culture brings together individuals that cooperate through trust, replacing bureaucracy and micro-management.

Our working relationships are typified by their openness and the common goal to achieve the best performance in our industry, both personally and organisationally. The team enjoys a high level of decision making authority, allowing flexibility and creativity.

By working with individuals that have the passion and integrity to deliver, the management team is freed from the mundane and able to focus on continuous improvement. Feedback to drive quality development is continuously applied from our comprehensive satisfaction sampling system.

19 years ago we achieved a satisfaction rate of 87.1%. Today, we are proud of the 98.7% customer satisfaction rate this approach has made possible.

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