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Trainer performance

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Our training is better because we take more care. Here's how...

The graph depicts rising trainer performance (knowledge, enthusiasm, patience & helpfulness), equating to rising client satisfaction & ROI. Many other factors are tracked, but these 3 indicators provide useful examples when understanding our approach and culture.


We have regular trainer days. Here, we get together and discuss ways to improve our training performance. We come up with a constant stream of innovations and experiment with these until proven (or not), then roll them out. We invest heavily into evolving new courseware, new delivery approaches, new satisfaction sampling ideas and new courses. We are often the first to launch new courses such as our Excel Dashboards for Business Intelligence course, Excel Forecasting and Data Analysis course, and many of our soft skill courses.

We also have all the usual training development tools you would find in any professional training organisation. But here we focus highly on client feedback, delivering excellence, requesting criticism, and then developing.

Our culture

The professionalism and performance of our people is fundamental to us.

Our company culture brings together individuals that cooperate through trust. Bureaucracy and micro-management are kept to a minimum. Our working relationships are typified by their openness and the common goal to achieve the best performance in our industry, both personally and organisationally. The team enjoys a high level of decision making authority, allowing flexibility and creativity.

By working with individuals that have the passion and integrity to deliver, the management team is freed from policing and able to focus on continuous improvement. Feedback to drive quality development is continuously applied from our quality control system.

We have developed one of the most experienced and highest motivated training teams in the UK.

19 years ago we achieved a satisfaction rate of 87.1%. Today, we are proud of the 98.7% customer satisfaction rate this approach has made possible.

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