What's new in Office 2013?

What's the difference between the versions?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of differences between the different versions of MS Office and Adobe Dreamweaver. We list the different features and functions of each application version.


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Upgrading to Office 2013?

Have you considered a short Office 2013 training course to help you get the most out of the new version?

There are many different styles of training available, such as a public schedule course, onsite at your home or office, one-to-one training, closed company group training, eLearning (online) and many more styles.

All of these options can be bespoke/tailored to suit your needs, except for public schedule which follows a set syllabus (see example: Excel Introduction 2013).

If you're interested in an MS Office 2013 training course, you may like to visit this page.


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