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Setting up meetings on MS Teams

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Setting up meetings on MS Teams

I need to schedule a series of meetings with a number of participants staying the same, but with the addition of different staff on different dates. Can I set up a contact list for the main participants and add that list, without repeating every email address for every meeting and then add the differing participants to the relevant meeting?

I tried to do a repeat meeting but got an error message saying that I couldn't as there were more than 15 participants.

RE: Setting up meetings on MS Teams

Hello Jo,

Thank you for your question. Apologies for the late reply, your question was only assigned to me this morning.

Microsoft Teams should be able to host up to 1000 people in a meeting. Even if a meeting is started from a Chat, up to 20 people can attend.

If you happen to use MS Outlook, the best way to set up a recurring Teams meeting is from inside Outlook. Here, you can create a Contact Group with many members, in the People view. Then, in Calendar view, click New Teams Meeting. In the Required field, you can insert your contact group. These will be the people who should always attend.

You can also set up the recurrences here.

In future, for each individual occurrence, you can invite additional people to that meeting.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard


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