In need of a C.V. boost or have employees who are eager for new qualifications? The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is a globally recognised standard that demonstrates the user's proficiency in a range of desktop skills.


The MOS certification can benefit both students and businesses alike.

Individuals will be able to provide creditable proof of Office proficiency. MOS certification helps with personal improvement, skills enhancement and career progression. The certification identifies students that are high achievers and really adds weight to a C.V!

From a business perspective the qualification is reported to increase productivity and competency amongst staff. As well as helping with the streamlining of the application screening process, employees benefit through increased moral and confidence in their abilities.

How to Obtain a MOS Certification

The first step is to identify the application that you would like a qualification in:
  1. Microsoft Word (2003 & XP)
  2. Microsoft Excel (2003 & XP)
  3. Microsoft Outlook (2003 & XP)
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint (2003 & XP)
  5. Microsoft Access (2003 & XP)
  6. Microsoft Project (2002/XP)

The next step is to prepare and study for the exam. There is a substantial amount of literature that can be found through e-learning courses online or MOS books. Another avenue would be to undertake instructor lead training at an authorised training centre. Students can benefit from a structured public schedule course or from a more tailored one-to-one approach where trainers would have more time to help with problematic areas.

Finally, once you are happy that you have sufficient training, you will then need to find a suitable location to sit the exam. Each exam cost approximately