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Word Intermediate & Advanced

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Word Intermediate & Advanced

Could you please provide the exercises for both the Word Intermediate and Word Advanced courses? I have both workbooks,but need the exercises to practice and learn with.

RE: Word Intermediate & Advanced

Hi Kristina,

Glad to hear you have the course workbooks.
I'm sure we can support with your request

We can't locate your account as it appears you've logged in as a guest user. So we can get you the files you've requested please can you email us at info@stl-training.co.uk

We'll help as soon as that comes through to the Team

Please don't put your email address on here as this is a public forum.

Kind regards

Richard Bailey
Microsoft Certified Trainer

RE: Word Intermediate & Advanced

Hi Richard,

I have created an account now, so if your could email through the exercises for Word Intermediate and Advanced that would be wonderful.



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Change the Print button so it brings up the Print dialogue box

If you want to bring up the Print dialogue box to check your print settings when you hit the Print button, do the following:

1. Right-click on the toolbar that displays the Print button.

2. Select Customise.

3. Click on the Print button on the toolbar to select it, then hold the left mouse button down and drag the button towards the screen below. The button should come off the toolbar.

4. In the Customise dialogue box on your screen, select the Commands tab.

5. Select File from the Categories list, and then locate the Print... icon (looks like the normal Print button, but the word Print has three dots following it).

6. Click on the Print... icon to select it, then use your left mouse to drag and drop the icon onto the toolbar at the top of the screen.

7. Close the Customise dialogue box.

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