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Setting Rules in Outlook for receiving message invites on behalf

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Setting Rules in Outlook for receiving message invites on behalf

I have a question with regards to setting up rules.

I received meeting invites on behalf of four different calendars so I would like to set up a rule which takes each invite and puts it into a folder for that particular person. For example I receive an invite on behalf of John Taylor so instead of it staying in my in-box it goes direct to a folder marked JohnTaylorIn-box.

Each message invite subject will be different and they will come from numerous people – please could you let me know how I write a rule which picks out each invite received on behalf of John Taylor and places in into the JohnTaylorIn-box – I have tried but I cannot find a rule which states “received on behalf of” …

Please can you advise asap.

RE: Setting Rules in Outlook for receiving message invites on be

Hi Nicky,

there doesn't seem to be anything that picks this up directly so I think we need to think laterally.

If you look at the rules dialog box and choose the option - at the bottom of the list - for a blank rule then you may find options that do what you need.

My first try would be to see if the option "sent to People or Public Group" would pull out the mail to your people. Now this may be too broad, so you might want a second condition to tighten up your criteria.

As all exchange servers are slightly different I can't say for certain what your incoming emails look like.

Does this help?
Please let me know if you want me to have another look and include something specific from the emails you are receiving.


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