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Creating Rules for invites recieved as a delegate | Outlook forum

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Creating Rules for invites recieved as a delegate

Hi there,

I am a delegate for several people and would like to know how I can create a rule to automatically categorize them when they arrive in my mailbox, so I can keep each persons items separate.

I've had no success so far in setting this up and I've read it's because the mail is sent to me directly as a delegate, but I wanted to ask as there must be surely more people working in a support role like me who have the same issue and there is something in Outlook that can support this?

Appreciate any help!!

RE: Creating Rules for invites recieved as a delegate

Hello Samantha,

Thank you for your question. You mentioned invites in the topic area of your post. Would these be calendar invites to meetings? If so, there is a rule setting for meeting invites. Also, if you want to separate emails from different people using different categories, you need to create a separate rule for each person. Luckily, when you have created one rule, you can copy that rule and modify it to create more similar rules. You can also specify whether you are the main recipient or copied in to the message.

The best way to create rules is using the rules wizard: Rules - Manage Rules and Alerts - New Rule.

If Ihaven't answered your question completely, please post again.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard

RE: Creating Rules for invites recieved as a delegate

Hi Marius,

I don't think it was clear what I meant. When I say I am a delegate, I mean that I receive calendar invites and meeting responses on behalf of multiple other people and they all arrive into my own mailbox. As you can imagine the volume of these can be a lot and so it would be much more helpful to have a rule that could split these out, either into a category or another folder (I'm flexible on that!!) so that I can read Rob's all at once, Pete's all at once etc. Just to segregate them from one another.

What I need to know is how I can set this rule up please? the rule specifically needs to action only message received FOR someone else, not from a particular person or a particular type. I hope that makes sense?

RE: Creating Rules for invites recieved as a delegate

Hi Samantha,

A quicker way to do this would be to create a search folder for each invitee. You right-click on the Search Folder item in your folder list. Here you create the search criteria for each invitee, e.g. their name and any typical keywords in the invite. Outlook will automatically place a copy of the message in each dedicated search folder. You simply check each search folder for new meeting invites.

You can also do this with rules, but then you need to create subfolders for all invitees and then create rules to move or copy messages into these subfolders. The same rule can also categorise these messages.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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