formatting links between tasks

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Formatting links between tasks

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Formatting links between tasks


Is there a way to change the style (colour, line thickness, line type) of some of the links between tasks to emphasize them or make them clearer.


RE: Formatting links between tasks

Hi Bassam,

Hope you are having a great and productive day. Thank you for your question.

I've attached a link below, please have a look at it as it may have the relevant information to help you achieve what you wish to achieve.

(Scroll down to the instructions for Project)

If this does not answer your question do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

RE: Formatting links between tasks

Hi Max

Thank you for your reply. This does not seem to work for "link" lines. Right clicking on the link does not enable the line's properties to be accessed. The only thing I seem to be able to change is the shape of a link under "Layout", but I want to change the line properties of the link line.


RE: Formatting links between tasks

Hi Bassam

I'm not sure this is possible in your version of Project. It might be limited to Project Server or 365

There aren't any other formatting options available unfortunately for the width and type of links between tasks

Kind regards
Wendy Canelas
Microsoft Office Trainer

RE: Formatting links between tasks

Hi Wendy,
Thank you for clarifying.
Best regards


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