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Share point

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Share point

I'd like to create a folder where photos can be uploaded from various team members in the organisation. Which location is better Share Point or One Drive?

The folder needs to have sub folders as well.

The folder doesn't have to have privacy settings.


RE: Share point

Hi Izabela

Thanks for your question.

For a shared folder where multiple people in the organisation can upload and access photos, I'd recommend using Sharepoint, as it's best for team collaboration. Onedrive is only more appropriate if you want to share a folder with just one other person.

It's also very easy to create subfolders to organise the photos within Sharepoint.

Hope this helps.


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RE: Share point

Thanks Sarah,

is it better to create team site or communication site? As these are the options that appear

RE: Share point

Hi Izabela

As you've said there will be various members of the organisation uploading and possibly editing the content, then probably the Team site is best in this instance.

A Team site is used to connect and collaborate on projects, so allows many people to work in the same folders. A Communication site is used if you want to be able to share content for people to view but not edit.

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