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Number with minus sign splitting over two lines | Word forum

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Number with minus sign splitting over two lines

I have a number in a sentence which has a negative sign preceding the number i.e. -0.012325.

Is there any way to stop this number breaking over two lines between the minus sign and the number? Similar in function to a hard space?

Any help is much appreciated.

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RE: Number with minus sign splitting over two lines

Hi Rita,

You can use what is called a non-breaking hyphen.

Press Ctrl+Shift then press the hypen key on your keyboard & that is how you create a non-breaking hyphen.

Also note, you may be interested in seeing Word's special characters you can use.

Go to the Home tab, find the Symbol drop down in the Symbols group at then end of the ribbon. Select More Symbols... Click the tab Special Characters. There you will see the option to insert a non-breaking hyphen, with the key board short cut setting in the last column. There may be other special characters you can use or of interest.

Kind regards


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