dynamic hyperlink wtih merge

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Dynamic hyperlink wtih merge field

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Dynamic hyperlink wtih merge field

Is it possible to create a hyperlink containing a merge field?

I am using the same hyperlink but need to insert a merge field at the end so that it picks up a specific code to direct people to a personalised web page.

I can insert the link with the mail merge directly into the document (which works) but I want to change the text that is displayed and it won't allow me to do that.

Thank you

RE: Dynamic hyperlink wtih merge field

Hi Rowena

When you insert the link using mail merge, does it act like a hyperlink or only view as one?

Kind regards,

RE: Dynamic hyperlink wtih merge field

Hi Wendy

It is viewing as a hyperlink but not acting as one. It's the mail merge part that is not being included in the hyperlink.

http://www.gold.ac.uk/welcome/enrolment/timetable/?programme= «Cohort_Reference»

So when I do the mail merge the merge field doesn't work and the above link only works up to the equals symbol.

Thank you

RE: Dynamic hyperlink wtih merge field

HI Rowena

You may have to use some VBA to convert it into a hyperlink. Or copy and paste the link as text and not fields.

Unfortunately it won't just turn it into a hyperlink by adding the merge field to the end. It will require a bit more work after that.

Have you worked with VBA or Macros in either Word or Excel previously?

Kind regards


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