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Outlook taskbar

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Outlook taskbar

My taskbar has changed overnight with my open emails, I am not sure how to get it back to cascading.
At the moment when I have lots of emails open the are shown as a small version of the page at the bottom of the screen instead of just Inbox cascading behind each other.
I can send you a pic of how it looks if the above is not clear.

Many thanks

RE: Outlook taskbar

Hi Irene

Thank you for leaving a message on our support forum. You mentioned you would be able to send a screen shot of how things look now with your Outlook messages. Drop me a line with the screen shot and I’ll see what I can suggest.
It sounds like the task bar properties have changed.

Right clicking on the Taskbar (on a blank part of the bar, rather than on any icons) should give you a menu where you can adjust the display options. The choices will depend on the version of Windows you are running.
For example on Windows 10 if I right click the task bar and choose Properties I can set Taskbar Buttons to either Always combine, Combine when Taskbar is full or Never combine. I’m not 100% certain this is the setting to change in the situation you describe so the screen shot will help me be sure.


RE: Outlook taskbar

Hi Irene

Thanks for sending through the screen shot.
It looks like the setting you are looking for, after right clicking on the Taskbar and choosing properties, is "Always combine, hide labels". Does that group them better for you?


RE: Outlook taskbar

Hi Irene - just to follow up I think it would be wise to check with IT support on this one. It may be a different version of Windows or it could just be the theme went back to default (Aero). If there are any other causes they would be in the best place to resolve them. Let me know how it goes!

Kind regards,


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