learning excel - pivot tables vlook ups

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learning excel - Pivot Tables/ V-look ups

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Pivot Tables/ V-look ups

What are the main purposes of pivot tables?
Are v-lookups related to pivot tables?
How can additional information be added to an existing pivot table?

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RE: Pivot Tables/ V-look ups

Hi Safder,

Thanks for using the forum.

A pivot table is created from a large amount of data which has been prepared as a list. To create a Pivot Table from this list you must first select a cell from within the list, go to the Menu command, Data and Select the ladder option Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Report. Follow the steps in the Wizard, when the Pivot Table blank appears, drag and drop your fields as required onto the four areas and your Pivot Table will appear.

The main purpose of pivot tables is to be able to look at your data in a more dynamic way, as opposed to a static list. V lookups are simply functions which allow you to state the look up value and the computer will look down the first row and across to the column you have stated and return the answer.

V-look ups and pivot tables are both analytical tools. To add additional data to your pivot table simply enter the data and ensure you range has been adjusted.

Hope that helps




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