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Amending a distribution list in command box | Outlook forum

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Amending a distribution list in command box

Not all the names in my distribution list now have a command box to access to make amendments. Instead there is a automatic link to the whole Outlook contact details and there appears to be no direct way to get into the properties list as it appears in the distribution list. This setup has changed somehow overnight even some of the style of the contact details. Would there have been an automatic upgrade? How do I make access to a command box for easy amendments? I do not want to have to delete list entries and redo whole individual entries when only a few digits require amending.

I am on one of your other courses tomorrow, but will be back in the office on Friday. I need to have distribution lists updated by Monday, so this is urgent, I'm afraid.

Many thanks for any advice you can give.


RE: Amending a distribution list in command box

Hi Tessa,

Sorry for the delay in responding. So there is a distribution list been created for you in the Global Address list? So just to be clear you want to edit one of the details for a person by accessing the contact properties directly?

When you are in the distribution list, you can double click the contact and it will open up the full properties for that contact.

In terms of specific properties to edit which properties are you trying to change?



RE: Amending a distribution list in command box

Thank you for responding, Simon - but you will see in my message that I had already tried to amend in the way you suggest - and had encountered the problem.

A distribution list can be created either from the global list or locally. If you double click on an entry created from the global list you are taken to the entire outlook record. If you double click on an entry created "locally" you get a small properties box which you can amend easily. I am now finding that even entries originally made the "local" way are now linked to the outlook record only.

To get round this, I tried to access via the properties box of the email address in the entire contact record yet it is obvious from the way details are entered that this is a different properties box. Therfore there must be two properties boxes and I cannot seem to access the one linked to the distribution list.

If you can suggest anything further I'd appreciate knowing how this can be overcome without having to delete the entire entry if only a small portion requires amending. We have many distribuiton lists which require constant updating and the current problem will make the work very time consuming.


RE: Amending a distribution list in command box

Hello Tessa,

I am currently going through our forum to clear out any active questions. Can you please tell me whether you have managed to resolve this problem?

If not, please reply within five days so I can contact a trainer who can help you, otherwise this question will be marked as Resolved.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards

Microsoft Office Trainer

Thu 16 May 2013: Automatically marked as resolved.


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