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Resourcing sheet

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Resourcing sheet

Is it possible to run a report that shows the resource allocation as a diary form in Excel wihtout perfomring loads of formatting manually?

RE: resourcing sheet

Hi Matt. I think you're almost certainly looking at a VBA solution to this, probably automating a process similar to this one, but exporting (and automatically formatting) out to a spreadsheet:

There are some third party tools such as: #faq/microsoft-project-import-export.htm

...which claims:

"Project Insight does however export the resources’ work calendars upon export"

...although they want you to buy the product to discover exactly what format it dumps the data out in!

If I was in your shoes and the formatting process ate up a lot of your time I'd definitely go down the code route. I reckon you could probably build that yourself, but if you need help talk to our enquiries team and we'll build it for you and walk you through the code.

All the best,


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