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Project start date

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Project start date

Whats the best way to change the project's start date?

RE: Project start date

Hi Anita

Thank you for your question. If the plan has not yet started and you don't mind losing slack created by constraints you could use the Project menu and choose Project Information. This dialogue box lets you set the Start Date. Your first task will be repositioned to the new date and subsequent successors will be re-positioned based on their dependencies.

If you wish to move the project and re calculate constraints (and keep any slack they create) then I suggest you try using the Adjust dates button. You can find this by going to View > Toolbars > Analysis. On the toolbar that appears click the Adjust Dates button and enter your new project start date. Your project will move to begin on the new date. In addition any constraints that have been set will be adjusted to preserve their relative positions in relation to the project start date. One advantage of this is that any slack created by your constraints will be preserved.

I hope this helps - do let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

RE: Project start date

Hi Anita, thanks for your query. You can change the Project Start Date easily via the Project Information dialog box on the Tools drop down. Alternatively you can use "Move Project" on the Analysis toolbar.

Hope this helps,


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