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Anthony - DreamWeaver

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Anthony - DreamWeaver

Hi Anthony,

I have gone online and saved our company website to my computer. when I open the file I can only read each document by code I cannot select the design mode. Is this because it was not created in DreamWeaver? If so would I have to start it from scratch.

Many thanks


RE: Anthony - DreamWeaver

Hi Kirsty, thanks for your query. Try saving the individual pages as different file types, preferably as HTML. It may be defaulting to .mht (which is "complete webpage" mode) and that might prove troublesome in Dreamweaver.

If you post your company's website address I'll download it here, make sure it works and then send you a zip file with the pages in.

Hope this helps,


RE: Anthony - DreamWeaver

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for getting back to me.
Our web address is We also have a demain name for our other company; but haven't set up a site as of yet. I also need to get into this site to start setting it up.

I look forward to hearing back form you.

Many thanks


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