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Viewing newsletter created on Dreamweaver


When I have finished constructing newsletters in Dreamweaver all the text and images are where I want them to be, I upload this and then send the newsletter through our CRM system.

The ongoing problem I keep experiencing is that although the newsletters look the same on (as it should) on most PC's when opened there is always a number of colleagues who have images that have moved out of place.

My main concern is that if this is being noticed just within our office then how many people who receive our newsletter are experiencing the same problems?

What causes this? And what can be done about it?

Thank you in advance

Edited on Tue 20 Mar 2012, 14:12

RE: Viewing newsletter created on Dreamweaver

Hi Matthew

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with e-mail shots and newsletters.

The truth is, you can't be sure what e-mail application your readers are using. There's hotmail, gmail, yahoo and loads of other free e-mail providers. There's mozilla-based clients, outlook and outlook express. All of these clients can display your newsletter slightly differently.

If you are using CSS to lay out your newsletter, it may be worth switching to table layout (even though this is an outdated method, at least people using older e-mail clients should see it correctly).

Use fixed widths in your table cells, and ensure your images all have width and height parameters. This may mean people with a narrow viewing area may have to scroll left-to-right, but at least it won't muck up the design of your newsletter, and the recipient can always open in 'full view' if they want to read the newsletter properly.

Check out this handy checklist, which can help get the e-mail newsletter looking the same across the majority of e-mail clients:

Hope this helps.

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Regards, Rich


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