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can i use visio for site planning as it relates to events and if so how i already have visio installed.

RE: visio

Hi Krystal,

Thank you for your question.

Can you explain in a little more detail exactly what you want Visio to do in terms of site planning.



RE: visio

Thanks for your response. I would like to be able to show my client what the site would look like, for eg. where the cocktail tables would be placed, where the back drop behind the speaker would go etc. also I would like the use of colours in depicting these things.


RE: visio

Hi Krystal,

Thank you for your response.

In Visio there are templates for room layouts with associated stencils that include tables etc. that can be used to create the layout.

You could also use layers in order to colour co-ordinate related objects or use the normal format fill command.

Please find a link attached to some info on layers:

I hope this helps you.



RE: visio

Thank you very much I will give it a try...


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