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Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright

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Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright


What's the best way to stop people copy and pasting from a website - html. images and text.

How good is a copyright sign? The website I'm dealing with is for an artist.

RE: Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your question. I hope you enjoyed the Dreamweaver training back in May.

I'm afraid to say it's virtually impossible to stop people from saving, copying, pasting your web page, or any web page for that matter.

Most browsers have a 'Save As' feature in the File menu. And these days you can save 'Entire Web page', including all style sheets, images and html documents. Then there are programs which can grab the entire web site, using a crawling method. HTtrack is one such program.

The same goes for images. You can put Javascript codes to stop 'right click' mouse buttons (how people ususally save images on web sites). eg. However, people can just do a simple screen grab (Print Screen button), paste into their favourite image editor, and crop the screen to the image they want. So it's useless, really.

If you are doing a web site for an artist, the normal thing to do is 'watermark' the images; only have low-quality images on the web site (so visitors can pay/order full size ones); only show thumbnails etc.

Not sure what you mean by copyright sign? You can use

which is HTML code for the copyright symbol. As for how 'good' it is, i'm not sure what you mean? Do you mean will that be enough to hold up in a court of law!? I'd research a phrase to put on the web site such as "All content is copyright ARTIST NAME. Any reproduction in any format is strictly prohibited unless written authorisation from artist... etc."

If this answer resolves your query, please mark the question as 'resolved' (see below). Otherwise, please post a follow-up response to this post, and I will assist you further.

Regards, Rich

RE: Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright

You can't ever disable it.. users can view the source of your page so the text is always available. If you put click handlers to disable right-click, they can turn javascript off.. The best you can try to do is make it inconvenient for people to deter them, but never can you prevent them.

RE: Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright

You can avoid people stealing your images by putting an image map over them, But if they are really smart they will get into the back end of your site.

If you look in "insert" - "HTML" - "Special characters" there is ca copyright sign in there thats HTML friendly

RE: Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright

Great, thanks for the advice, I'll investigate the image map.

RE: Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright


Note that an image map will not stop people from copying images.

Nearly all computers have a 'screen grab' feature (eg. in Windows it's just the printscreen button on the keyboard).

They can then paste the image into any application they want such as Word, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc. and save the image onto their hard disc.

If they can see it, they can save it.

That's why watermarking is used a lot.

Regards, Rich

RE: Preventing Lifting or copying from website/copyright

Thanks, again...


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