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Embedding images

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Embedding images

How are you able to embed images into Expression Web for HTML emails?

RE: Embedding images

Hi Adele,

Thanks for your question.

When sending out HTML e-mails with images, it is common practice to link your images to an external server.

eg. the <img> tag would look something like this:
<img src="http://www.example.com/images/yourimage.jpg" alt="my image">

Then all you have to do is make sure the image exists on your server. This makes the e-mail a lot smaller to send, as there will be no images attached. I think most recipients would appreciate this.

To keep the images with the e-mail (ie. attachments), you would make the source local, like this:
<img src="yourimage.jpg" alt="my image">

You would then need to attach your image(s) to the e-mail.

You may want to send a test e-mail to yourself first, so that you can make sure the images render correctly when attached.

Please read this quote I found a while ago on another forum regarding embedding images:
"If you're running a respectable email campaign or sending out newsletters one of the best ways to fill up users' email inboxes and get them angry is to embed the images. Placing them on the server and linking externally can cut down a 40kb email to 12kb. Much better."

If this answer resolves your query, please mark the question as 'resolved' (see below). Otherwise, please post a follow-up response to this post, and I will assist you further.

Regards, Rich


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Spammers can get these e-mail addresses too, so one thing you can do to stop the majority of spammers getting just plain text e-mail addresses of your web pages is to use the following code:


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