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Teams Meeting Notes (loop) not available when meeting is set up

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Teams Meeting Notes (loop) not available when meeting is set up

Hi there,

I would like to use the Notes (loop) function when in Teams meetings to record minutes and actions however these often become lost amongst many different chats. I know it is possible to set up a Teams meeting directly from a channel and this ties it to that channel and makes it easier to find.

However when I do this the Notes function is not available in the meeting. From Googling it seems there might be a permission setting somewhere that is not approved but I can't find it anywhere.

Could someone help me out?


RE: Teams Meeting Notes (loop) not available when meeting is set

Hi Jennifer

You are correct that this is how it should be working

Using Notes in Teams Meetings: The Notes function in Microsoft Teams allows you to add an agenda, notes, and tasks during a meeting. To add meeting notes during a meeting, you need to join your Teams meeting, select Notes, and then add an agenda, notes, or tasks. You can also @mention someone to tag them in an agenda or task item.

Setting Up a Teams Meeting from a Channel: To schedule a meeting in a specific channel, you can go to Calendar > New meeting > Add channel > choose a channel from the list. Then, you can add details and send the meeting invitation

This all seems to be working well in general based on your comment.

Accessing Notes in Channel Meetings: It seems that the Notes function might not be available in channel meetings. However, you can still access the meeting notes after the meeting by going to your Teams calendar, selecting the past meeting you want to view notes in, selecting Expand meeting details, and then selecting Details > Notes.

Permission Settings: As for the permission settings, it appears that external attendees won't be able to access or edit meeting notes. Also, people who aren’t directly invited to a meeting might have limited access to its meeting notes. It might be worth checking with your IT department as they have options to change the policy settings in the Teams Admin centre that you won't have access to.

In the Teams Admin Centre, you can manage meeting policies that control the features available to organisers and participants of meetings. Here’s how you can change the settings:

In the Teams admin centre, expand Meetings and select Meeting policies.
Select the policy that you want to edit.
Scroll to the Content sharing section.
Select the settings you want to use and save

Kind regards


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