paragraph numbers not correlatin

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Paragraph numbers not correlating with heading numbers

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Paragraph numbers not correlating with heading numbers

The paragraph numbers are not correlating with the heading number, when I try to change it it says the value is less or greater than the previous entry but it is not. some are correct and some are wrong. How do I amend?

RE: Paragraph numbers not correlating with heading numbers

Hello Charlotte,

Thanks for your question. Would it be possible to send us a Word document with some sample text which shows your current numbering?

This will be helpful because there are different ways to create and apply numbering in Word.

Seeing your example will help us answer your question more accurately. Please send the sample file to

Thank you
Marius Barnard

RE: Paragraph numbers not correlating with heading numbers

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for sending the sample document. The reason I think the numbers go out of sync is because the numbering wasn't built into the Styles gallery. The headers were also formatted manually.

It is much better to use Styles to apply headers and numbering from the start of the document. Once you have created a header which includes numbering, select this header, then right-click one of the heading styles in the Home ribbon (e.g., Heading 1). In the drop-down, select Update Heading 1 to match Selection.

Repeat this for sub-headers, using e.g., Heading 2.

Tables of content and numbering will work much better using the modified heading styles.

The only piece I couldn't fix was where the numbering jumped back to a lower number. But this is happening because of manual numbering, as I pointed out earlier.

Whereas I couldn't find a solution for that issue, I hope what I said makes sense going forward.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard

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