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Moving emails into folders and deleting from inbox | Outlook forum

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Moving emails into folders and deleting from inbox


I am trying to tidy up my inbox. However, when I move emails into folders (either by dragging or right clicking and selecting the folder from the drop down menu), the email remains in my inbox as well as moving to the selected folder. When I delete the email from my inbox, it also deletes from the folder.

I just want the email to disappear from the inbox to the folder and stay there.

Are you able to help?

Many thanks


RE: moving emails into folders and deleting from inbox

...I have discovered that if I move emails with no chain ie not part of a conversation, they automatically delete from the inbox, but if they are part of a conversation, they remain in the inbox and if deleted from there, also delete from the folder.

Is there any way of fixing this as the vast majority of the emails I want to move are part of a chain?

Many thanks,


RE: moving emails into folders and deleting from inbox

Hello Frances,

Thank you for your question. This is not something which I have had trouble with before, but I found some advice after a web search:

If you switch to Conversation view in Outlook, you can expand the conversation completely. Highlight all the messages by click the top one, then holding Shift and clicking the bottom one. Drag the selection to the desired folder. I

You could also click on the SUBJECT (which is the highest level of the top of the conversation) and drag it to your folder. When you drag it over, all parts of the conversation - including sent items, will move.

As I mentioned before, I have not encountered this problem myself, but the above mentioned method seems to have worked for others.

I hope this helps you.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard

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