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Dynamic Tables

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Dynamic Tables

Hi, i have specific questions that i felt on the training I had a grasp of, I need to speak to someone who can talk me through what I am trying to achieve, and what i am doing wrong? I am looking for multiple tables which i believe are available, but are unsure how to get them to work!

RE: Dynamic Tables

Hi Mike

Thanks for your query. For us to give you the best help it would be really useful to know a bit more about your problem.

Could you please let us know what sort of data you are working with and exactly what you're trying to achieve?

Kind Regards
Excel Trainer

RE: Dynamic Tables

Sarah, i really would need to talk it through, i cannot really explain over constant e-mails?

RE: Dynamic Tables

Hi Mike

Sounds like you have a complicated problem!

It is possible to arrange a call with a trainer, however this service doesn't unfortunately fall under the remit of our forum support. If this is what you want then we would be looking at an individualised consultancy at a cost, if you're interested in finding more about this service then please do get in contact with our office directly.

We often have delegates explain complicated issues with Excel to us over the forum and are able to provide guidance and support, so do feel free to have a go at explaining your problem and we'll do everything we can to help you.

Kind Regards,
Excel Trainer

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Excel tip:

Convert Text to Columns in Excel 2010

If you have a cell in your Excel spreadsheet that contains a lot of text and you want to divide it into separate columns, this can only be done if there is a logical character which separates the text, for example, a comma.

Select the cells you would like to convert. On the Data tab, click Text to Columns. Choose the format of your current data.

Select Delimited if the text contains a logical character otherwise select Fixed Width if there are a certain number of spaces between each field.

Click Next when a preview of the data appears. Then select the type of character that separates the various fields. If the character is not listed, select Other and enter the character.

Click Next again and then choose the format for each of the columns. Select the column heading in the Data preview and then select a data type from the Column data format options.

Click Finish and the text will appear in several columns.

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