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Inserting one document into another

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Inserting one document into another

I have one word document which is a binding authority agreement and I need to attach another document (a policy form) as an appendix. The policy form is coloured bears logos and has specific formatting. I want to insert it as the agreed policy form I do not want to have to cut and paste it then have to search through it all checking the formatting. Also when you do this all the coloured cover pages etc do not copy through.

I have tried to insert it as an object but it does not work.

I tried to save the policy form as a pdf and insert that but still it did not work. All I got was the first cover page that copied. The rest of the policy form was missing.

RE: Inserting one document into another

Hi Erica

Thank you for using the forum to ask a question.

If you have Adobe Acrobat then the add in tools to Word or full programme have the features to help you. I believe you're trying to approach this without those tools. They would allow you to create the Word document as a PDF and join the two PDFs together.

Inserting the Object only allows the first page as you've tried.
Copying and pasting won't bring across everything.

The only other option available to you in Word 2010 is to go to the Outline view and insert it as a Sub document.

1) On the View tab in the Document Views group, click the Outline button.

2) Click the Insert button in the Master Document group on the Outlining tab.
3) An Insert Subdocument dialog box appears. This dialog box is identical to the Open dialog box except for its name.
4) Find the file you want to insert as a subdocument, choose it, and click Open.
5) The file is inserted into the master document as a subdocument. Word creates section breaks before and after it.

Please let me know how that works for you.

Word will try and bring the formatting in line with the rest of the document as it's designed to create consistency formatting. When inserting documents with different formatting you will always face a challenge as Word fights to make the formatting (styles) consistent.

If you frequently need to insert documents/PDFs into Word and to keep it's unique formatting you may wish to ask for Adobe Acrobat.

Kind regards

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