remote meeting etiquette

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Remote meeting etiquette

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Remote meeting etiquette

Any best practise please?

RE: Remote meeting etiquette

Hi Andrea

I'm glad to see the Team enjoyed the session yesterday.

Best practice does vary based on the Technology used and is an extension of the standing meeting etiquette you have. We'd recommend you apply some of the following if it is not already in place.

• Keep the number of participants to 10 or less.
• Keep the meeting as short as possible. By keeping the meeting time to a minimum you will help avoid the tendency of participants to multi-task.
• Send electronic copies of the content to participants prior to the meeting - technical issues do arise.
• Provide participants with an agenda. This will help keep participants focused and engaged.
• Begin with the context of who and why they are there.
• Define the meeting goals.
• Establish rules regarding interjecting comments.
• Emphasize the need for professionalism and the requirement that disagreements should not be voiced disagreeably. (Yes, it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable).
• Avoid interruptions. If you are conferencing from home, ask the family to be quite and not interrupt you. If you are in the office, place a sign on the door indicating you are in a meeting and when you will be available.
• Use the mute feature when you are not speaking so background noise is not a distraction for others.
• Think before you speak, recognizing that others do not have the benefit of your body language and other non-verbal cues, and the tone of your voice can cause misinterpretation.

We have a Managing Teams Remotely info-graphic due to be published shortly on our blog, we'll send you a copy.

Kind regards



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