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Design themes

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Design themes

I chose a design theme and made changes using the design ideas, which essentially expanded the patterns further across the slide. I subsequently changed the theme colours and used that as a base, adding pictures and text. Once I'd finished I realised the slide wasn't the right size for what I need, but when I try to re-size it regardless of whether I choose 'maximise' or 'ensure fit' the background theme changes significantly. I tried to get round this by creating a slide in the right size first and then using the design theme but then the design ideas don't show as an option meaning I haven't been able to recreate the same design that I so like. Is there anything I can do to get around this?


PowerPoint tip:

Saving a Drawn Object as a picture

If you want to reuse an object that you have drawn, you can save it so that it is added to the Clip Organiser.
Right click the object, choose Save as Picture, give it a file name and place it in the relevant location.

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