I would like to share with you something my English teacher once said. "There are three things that make a good presentation: preparation, preparation and more preparation". However, even the most well prepared individual can lose the attention of their audience and become a suspect in the recurring case of "death by PowerPoint". Although Microsoft PowerPoint software has made the process of preparing and giving presentations so much easier, it is important that there is a balance between creative presentation skills and technical know-how. Most people are now familiar with the process of creating a presentation from scratch. However, it may be worth considering PowerPoint advanced training to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from this software.

The aim of PowerPoint slides should be to complement your speaking and enable you to deliver your subject material to maximum effect. The software has many advanced features which, when used appropriately, can only help to support your presentation skills. Let us consider some of the features covered during PowerPoint advanced training which can help the trainee to use the software in the best possible way.

Building Custom Presentations

PowerPoint advanced training can teach you how to prepare custom presentations. Although PowerPoint has a number of design templates, it is possible to create and modify your own slide master. Colour schemes can be adjusted and even photographs can be used as a background. This is most useful when none of the existing templates suit the purpose of your presentation.

Using Multimedia in Presentations

The term multimedia covers animation, clip art, sound files and scanned images. PowerPoint advanced training explains how multimedia can be incorporated in a presentation and be used appropriately to enhance the quality and professionalism of your presentation. Animation for example, highlights important elements in a slide through motion.

Advanced Presentation Techniques

PowerPoint advanced courses can also train you in the latest presentation techniques. For example, the slide show can be set to run automatically. Each slide can be displayed for a certain amount of time according to how the show has been pre-programmed. The slide show can also have background sound or even a narration, if for some reason the speaker cannot be present.

There are many opportunities available to us all for PowerPoint advanced training. In addition to self-directed learning, instructor-led courses are held regularly at training centres around the UK or alternatively, they can be arranged in-house. There is also the option to choose between training in a group format or on a one-to-one basis.

In summary, every man, woman and child is expected to give presentations at some point or other during their life. PowerPoint advanced training can help make these experiences more enjoyable for the presenter and more educational for the audience.

Unlike my English teacher however, I would say that success is the result of a combination of preparation, creative presentation skills and technical know-how.