Studies have shown that a clearly defined business plan can be the difference between success and failure for all businesses, regardless of size or history. Creating and managing a plan can be a difficult endeavor even for experienced managers. Software such as Microsoft Project can be a big help, but the application with all of its complex features can be daunting.

Because this MS project is so complex and so versatile, you may need more than just classroom training to fully grasp how to utilize Project for your specific needs. A handful of training facilities provide personalized consulting on MS Project where a Project expert helps you develop a business plan to carry your company to new levels of success.

Advantages of consulting

MS Project is a powerful application, but to use it to its full potential requires a dedicated and trained expert in house. Some organizations don't need a local expert and find it more cost effective to hire an outside consultant.

MS Project consultants typically offer a wide range of services from optimizing an existing project to developing an entire plan from scratch. Many offer services including system migration, extraction and analysis of data from your other business systems, and much more. Still others will train your staff to manage the project plan and help you create and provide ongoing advice and further training.

Consider long-term training as well as consulting

MS Project can create a business plan that clearly outlines the direction your company is headed and the steps you need to take to get there. However, no business plan survives changing market conditions and your project will need to be revisited occasionally to re-optimize it for current circumstances.

Though you could hire a consultant to make all of the changes, you might find it more cost effective to supplement consulting with MS Project training. This way, your staff will be able to manage and refine the plan in response to changing states of affairs in your industry. Once you have started in the right direction, a little training lets you navigate your business successfully to future success.

Start on the path to success

From a newly formed one-person business to a large and well-established corporation, any business will benefit from a clearly defined plan for the future. Using a combination of consulting and training, MS Project can be your greatest tool for success. A well organized management strategy sends your company to the front of the pack, giving a substantial competitive advantage.