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Bullet point design

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Bullet point design

In our company, we all use the same template that had been designed by a previous designer. We are trying to find a simple way to add a icon of our own as a bullet point. On the slides already set up for bullets, the icon is saved as is the one we want to use but if you try to add a bullet point list on another slide that isn't set up for bullets, we can't access that icon.

I understand that you are meant to use the right slide layout if you want to use bullets but when a colleague is just quickly adding in bullets or changing them without sending it to us designers, they can't use the same icon.

If there is a way around this that would be great, thank you.

RE: bullet point design

Hi Rosie

Thanks for your question, it's an interesting one.

The template will be set up using the Master slide layouts so your icon is the default bullet style.

To keep the best consistency and brand style throughout you should encourage everyone you work with to use the template correctly and not manually build their own slides with text boxes. Unfortunately, doing this will override those lovely default settings, and as you've experienced it leads to issues like bullets not matching.

However, even when inserting a text box manually and adding bullets, it should still be possible to click the drop down next to the bullets button on the Home ribbon, then select Bullets and Numbering. In this menu there is a button called 'Picture', which should allow you to add the icon you've used elsewhere as the bullet point (as long as you have it saved somewhere).

I hope this answers your question, please let me know if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards
PowerPoint Trainer

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