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Page Numbering

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Page Numbering

I want to page number from page 4 and have the end page corresponding from page 1.
i.e. 36 pages in total /start from page 4/ therefore first page 1 of 32 and I want last page to read 34 of 34
at present it reads 32 of 36

RE: Page Numbering

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your question. On page 3, insert a Section Break Next Page after the last text. Then, on page 4, go into both the header and the footer and click Link to previous in the ribbon to unlink pages 4 onwards from the first 3 pages.

Afterwards, insert a page number into Page 4 and next to the page number, manually type "of 32" (or "of 34"), whichever is relevant.

This should leave pages 1 to 3 without numbers and pages 4 onwards with "x of 3x".

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard

RE: Page Numbering

Thank you Marius, Just one more item please
The page numbering method worked but page 1 of 33 shows up in page 2 of the unidentified pages (cover pages and table of contents)
I have put in a section break before and after but cannot delete it.

RE: Page Numbering

Hi Lynn,

To delete a section break, click on the beginning of the section break line and press delete. You only need one section break between the first 3 pages and the rest of the doc. There should not be more than one. Neither should there be section breaks (next page) on pages 1 or 2. If you have unlinked page 4 and beyond from the first 3 pages and there are still page numbers on the first 3, you can delete them without the numbers on page 4 onwards disappearing.

I hope I've answered your question.

Kind regards

RE: Page Numbering

Much appreciated that all worked thank you.
I had too many page breaks!


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