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Page layout

How do I insert a landscap page with the same header and footer in the middle of a portrait document?

RE: Page layout

How to insert a landscape page in Word, between portrait pages

1. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the Landscape page in your portrait document.

2. It is best to show paragraph marks & other hidden formatting marks in your document to see what you are doing. On the Home tab, select the Show/Hide button.

3. Select the Layout tab. Under the Breaks drop down menu, select Next Page.

4. Your portrait page will now have a Section Break next page on it.

5. Scroll down to the next page. Insert another Section Break Next page.

6. Place your cursor in a paragraph between the 2 section breaks.

7. Select the Layout tab, Orientation drop down & select Landscape.

8. Your headers and footers will be linked.

9. If you need a different header and footer on the Landscape Page, you need to unlink the headers in the 3 sections.

10. Double click on the header in the Landscape Page to open the Header / Footer view.

11. On the Header & Footers, Design tab click “Link to Previous” so that it is no longer set.

12. Go to the footer and do the same.

13. Make sure you also unlink the headers and footers in the next Portrait page too.


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