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Templates and Formatting

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Templates and Formatting

The formatting of my template is not working correctly.

There are black boxes showing up next to main headings, number formatting is not working properly (eg. in section 8 numbering appears for section 6, numbers next to some headings but not others, and in wrong font size). The text in numbered sections is sometimes formatted in a block paragraph to the right of the number but in other sections the text comes after the number and continues on the next line underneath the number (this is hard to describe in words).

Some text was copied from another document so perhaps the formatting has crossed over but seems to have altered the master template.

Any help is much appreciated.

RE: Templates and Formatting

Hello Liz,

Thank you for your question. A feature I find really handy is Styles in the Home ribbon. In a correctly formatted document, have a look at the preferred settings for the different types of paragraphs in the document, including numbering, bullets, fonts, headings, line spacing, paragraph spacing etc.

Then create custom Style buttons in the Styles section of the Home ribbon in the template for the different types of paragraphs and headers you wish to have. You can either create new styles or modify existing styles. You can use these Style buttons to quickly reformat any text which doesn't look right.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard

RE: Templates and Formatting

Even experienced users can learn new tricks and save time with powerful tools like advanced styles and templates. When it comes to Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, many of us are self-taught. Modifying and customizing Styles in Word.


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Word tip:

Assign shortcut keys to styles

If you're a fan of using styles, you can create your own shortcut keys to apply styles quickly.

Go to Tools - Customise, then to the Options tab. Click on the Keyboard button on this tab.

Scroll down the list displayed on the left, until you see Styles. Click on Styles to select it, then you will see a list of styles currently available for use on the right.

If a style you wish to assign a shortcut key to does not appear in the list on the right, close out of the dialogue box, apply the style, then follow the steps above again - you should then see the style listed.

Enter your shortcut key combination in the 'Press new shortcut key' box. If the shortcut keys selected are already assigned to another function in Word, it will be displayed in the box.

If you want to overwrite the existing function for the shortcut keys you have chosen, click Assign.

If you wish to assign a unique set of shortcut keys, use Backspace to remove the shortcut keys you have typed in; then try typing in another key combination. Click Assign when you have a key combination you are happy with.

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