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Division calculation between 2 pivot tables | Excel forum

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Division calculation between 2 pivot tables

I have 2 pivot tables with the same fields but different numbers in the same sheet and i want to make a division calculation between these two. what i need to do?

RE: division calculation between 2 pivot tables

Hi Efstratia

Thanks for getting in touch. If you want to divide two items on the PivotTable to calculate variance for example, I've written a lot about it with an example file here:


If however, you're talking about two separate PivotTables you might get unexpected results when trying to divide the contents of one by the contents of another. Your first formula will work but if you drag down the rest won't.

This is due to a feature called GetPivotData. To turn this off, with a PivotTable selected you can go to the Options button, drop-down Options on the left side, and select Generate GetPivotData. Try using your formula again and you might get the results you expect.

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