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how much better is it using vba rather than just the wizard tools.


Hi Jordan, welcome to the forum. VBA *rules*. Wizards are Sesame Street. Try importing 40 CSV files into Access using a wizard and see how long it takes your thoughts to turn to coding the thing down to one button, then making it time sensitive so the import process happens invisibly to the user each day at 5pm. I'd like to see Gandalf do that.

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Deleting duplicate records from a table

You cannot delete records tables where there duplicate records. A way around this is to create a new table which wont hold the duplicates. and then deleting the old table.

1. Use a make-table query based on this table only. IMPORTANT - Ensure that you include all of the fields from your original table or you may loose data.

2. Open the query's property sheet by using VIEW, QUERY, PROPERTIES, and set the Unique Values property to Yes

3. Because you have selected the Unique Values to Yes when you run the query, Access creates a new table without duplicate records. You can now delete the old table and rename the new one.

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