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Importing 2 text files into Access

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Importing 2 text files into Access

From a given scenario, I have been given 2 text files to import. However, I need to have 4 tables created. I have tried to use an append query to create the other 2 tables however it is not letting me do this. I have tried to use a Make Table query which works but wont let me set primary keys saying to change duplicates. Append query isnt working either!I really really need help on this!

RE: Importing 2 text files into Access

Hi Mairead

Thanks for your question

The make table query is probably the way to go.

Initially I would choose the wizard option not to set a primary key. The problem is that the field you are choosing contains duplicate values and thus the process falls over.

Once the data is in the table you can change the design in design view. If no field contains unique values, then you could always add an autonumber field and make this the primary key.

If this doesn't work, please let me know and I will get back to you



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