Technology has allowed businesses to be mobile by operating from many different locations, while still collaborating.

Figures generated from one city in the world can be quickly passed on to those in other countries. This is great for companies who are trying to expand beyond the continents they currently reside in. A firm in London is able to set up meetings with those in Hong Kong, where they can take part in video conferencing if they wish.

As well as proving an effective way to keep in touch and inform others about the activities of your firm, technology may also be used to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible. Sharing ideas and thoughts concerning recent campaigns can be carried out face-to-face, on phones or via other methods, such as email. However, when it comes to giving feedback or adding to data, specific software may be needed.

Database building programmes, such as Microsoft Access allow for the formation of tables and the gathering of information. Advanced additions of the software have an increasing number of functions that see tables being created in little time. The newer versions of the applications have many icons and buttons that complete time-saving tasks.

For example, if you are due to put together a document including local transport times following investment in this sector, you may begin to repeat actions, such as entering into fields how early or late buses and train systems have been running over several time periods. If this begins occurring, you are able to take advantage of the in-built function that allows you to save the fields that are being constantly used. This cuts the time spent on their generation, so you can go back to creating databases and reports, if they are required.

Reports are great ways to summarise and bring together data and with the help of queries you are able to communicate the point of the document well. In the transport example, you may wish to highlight how more buses are arriving on time, thanks to changes in routes or scheduling, for instance. To make an impact, these results would need to be compared with bus times pre-investment.

A report would see you applying a query to make this connection, which you are free to highlight in a number of ways. Formatting options increase as database programmes get more advanced and there are a host of different styles to choose from and apply. In addition, themes are varied offering an array of colours and fonts so documents can be custom designed, if this is preferred.

After putting together your document, it could be necessary for others in sister companies across the world to enter their findings following their own similar campaigns. Going back to the transport example, investment in travel systems and the effect this had in other locations may be revealed by entering results into the same database. This is achievable if the other branches of the firm are connected via Microsoft's SharePoint Server.

The latter gives users a platform to share documents and keep in touch with each other. Another advantage is that it provides a location for your Access documents to be uploaded and opened up by those authorised to use the server. Potentially, this allows fellow colleagues working remotely to update tables and enter their findings into the files, which helps firms communicate and run projects across the world.