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Dynamic Web Templates

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Dynamic Web Templates

Once created. When you change the template and it updates the other pages that are linked to it why doesn't it work?

RE: Dynamic Web Templates

Hi Gordon,

Not quite sure what you mean by 'why doesn't it work?' - What isn't working?

Are your pages online not updating? If so, you may need to upload all your local files that have just been updated. (ie. your local files on your computer may have been updated, so upload them again to your web hosting/server, then refresh your browser to see the changes).

You may prefer to use include files rather than templates. This allows you include a particular file across many files. Then when you update and upload the include file, the other files will appear to be updated as well (because it's read in dynamically at the time of page generation).

Regards, Rich

RE: Dynamic Web Templates

Hi Rich,
Sorry if I wasn't clear in my question. What I meant was that when I change the template it doesn't change the other pages that are linked to it on my PC. When I realised this was happening I didn't bother to try uploading to the web site.

RE: Dynamic Web Templates

Hi Gordon,

Okay. See if uploading the files that the template would have updated to your hosting/server. If that doesn't fix the problem, let me know and we can go from there.

It can be confusing. The downside to templates is that when you do make even the smallest change, it only updates the files on your local PC, not up on the web site itself, so you then need to go and upload all the files that were affected by the template change.

This is why I use include files, it gets rid of that problem.

Regards, Rich


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