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  • Courses never cancelled
  • 12+ months schedule
  • Industry leading price model
  • Online 60 second booking
  • Experienced trainers & advice for 12 months!
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  • UK wide delivery & London's largest schedule
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Microsoft Office Training Provider, Management Training Provider

Our clients

Our clients are typically FTSE100, Fortune 500 companies, and Public sector, across key industries such as Financial, Insurance, Technology, Pharmaceutical Retail, Marketing, Legal, and Construction/engineering.

Industry leading price model

Our pricing system offers you the most competitively priced Management training or Microsoft Office in London and we will beat any like for like training quotation for on-site and in-company delivery.


As one of the leading IT training companies, we are the UK's number 1 for Microsoft Office training and consultancy. We provide instructor led courses in all MS Office suite applications including MS Project, Excel, VBA, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, Word, Outlook and more.

We also provide Management workshop training such as Time Management, Project Management, Intro to Finance, Minute Taking, Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills and more.

Our course content can be:

  • Standard / off the shelf
  • Tailored: You tailor our standard course content, we deliver using our exercises and examples
  • Bespoke: You specify the course content, we deliver using your sample or real working files
  • Consultancy

Course details

Training formats

A range of formats are available to address the training needs of your organisation.

Extract from article 'Three Tell-tale Signs Of Good IT Training Companies'

A good track record: This may seem unfair to small, start-up companies, but there is a lot of sense in picking IT training companies with a good track record. You can try a new training London company, but it's advisable to start with the larger ones first. These are more likely to have a wide choice of courses – another indicator of a good company. For example, if a training provider only taught Excel courses and not Word, then you wouldn't be able to learn anything at all about how the two pieces of software can interact. A good track record will also be indicative in the venue and equipment that the company has. A good training company will re-invest their profits in better training centres and even more facilities in a customer-focused way.

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Ready to get started with London's leading IT training company? We can train anywhere in the UK: at your site, or a location near to you. Get a quote. You can download the training quotation as a PDF. Alternatively, if you are looking to attend one our public schedule courses, head to the training Pricing and Availability page and search for your course dates. Choose a price that suits you! Generally the further ahead you book, the lower the cost.


Looking for top ten Microsoft Training institutes in London? To find out more about us and how we can supply your management and IT training requirements, please continue to the About us section.

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