Using Autonumber in Excel

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Using Autonumber in Excel

Using autonumber in Excel can be very useful. Excel will automatically generate a list of unique numbers for you.

The benefit of creating an autonumber is that it allows you to assign a unique number or code against each row of data in your workbook which helps identify records quickly and allows filtering of records.

This technique would be useful in such business environments such as HR and Procurement. In these environments, you may need a unique number for an employee and a unique number for each product bought.

To get Excel to create your list of numbers click beside your first record and enter the starting number. Next click beside the next record and enter the second number in the series. Finally highlight the two numbers you have entered then use the drag fill handle in the lower right corner of your selection to drag the selection beside the rest of your records.

Excel will use the first two numbers as a pattern for the sequence of numbers it generates for the rest of the list.

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