How can I transpose text in Excel?

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How can I transpose text in Excel?

Most often, data in Excel is entered in columns. Sometimes, however, you may wish to use a column of data and place it into a row so that the data goes across the sheet as opposed to going down the sheet.

Excel provide a very simple solution called Transpose.

First of all select the data you wish to transpose, copy the selected range then select a blank cell which will be the starting point for the paste (your paste region cannot start in the same cell as your copy region).

Now click the paste drop down arrow and click the tranpose button which is found in the 2007 and 2010 versions (for earlier versions use the Edit menu, Paste Special then select Tranpose and click OK). Your data will now appear in a row starting from the cell you chose to begin the paste.

This method saves an amazing amount of time. If the transpose solution wasn't available then you would have had to copy then paste each individual cell in the list.

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